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Warm Space

As a local church we have been moved by the current situation of high energy bills and food cost. We decided, as many other local churches and community organisations have, to open up once a week and provide a ‘Warm Space’.


We reached out to our friends at EOFG Parish who were keen to support this project. Accordingly, with help from some volunteers from EOFG, along with our team at Ewhurst Baptist Church, we will be open each Friday until (and including) 31st March 2023. 


Each Friday we will be open from 12 - 2pm. We will provide, with no charge, a simple lunch of delicious home made soup and bread rolls, with butter. We also provide hot drinks and biscuits.


So far, much friendly chatting over lunch has happened! There is also the opportunity to play games or read a newspaper.


If you prefer you could just come and sit and relax, do some reading or catch up on emails using our WiFi.


If you have any questions then please get in touch:


Phone Ben on: 07800 996 664




Come along and join us on Friday, we’d love to meet you.

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