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Forest Church

Forest Church is a new adventure for us and we would love you to come and join us.

The idea of Forest Church is to connect with God by connecting with nature. During each session we explore different aspects of our wonderful natural world and reflect on what we might learn about ourselves and our Creator.

For example, our June 2022 session focused on Light. We looked at how plants and trees grow towards light. We paused to see how light moves around us, shadows moving in the wind and sunlight dappled by the forest canopy. At the end we reflected on our experiences, thinking, as we usually do, what we might have learnt about ourselves and God.

We structure sessions to include people of all ages. We meet on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 3pm, in the woods around St John the Baptist church, Okewood Hill. Sessions typically run for 1.5 hours, with light refreshments at the end. There is car parking.

Gatherings are planned and led by Stephanie Thorlby from Sayers Croft, in partnership with me, Ben Scadden, pastor at Ewhurst Baptist Church, and Clare Shepherd, rector at EOFG parish.

For details or if you have any questions, please contact Ben on 01483 267878, or via social media at Ewhurst Baptist Church.

You are very welcome to join us. We hope you will.

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A quote from Sarah, Ewhurst (children aged 2 & 5)

"Forest Church encourages us to slow down and to think about and observe the world around us, it feels like a break from the every day. Taking time out and being in nature has a calming effect on me and my family.


The children love being outdoors, trying to spot minibeasts and plants and hear bird song. They particularly enjoy the "free time" towards at the end of the session when we can explore at our leisure, based on the theme of the session."

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